License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Industry-grade LPR made ready for Integration and business needs.

Upload a Car Plate Image here for our engine to decide:

Our Car Plate Recognition API takes in car plate images to determine the best outcome from our trained datasets allowing users to enter parking zones without cutting operational cost and time.


Design For All

Arrivo LPR enables businesses and organizations to optimize operation process and improve customer experience.

Industry Leading Accuracy.

Get industry leading accuracy data from license plate recognition.

Traceable Database

Conduct advanced searches based on full or partial numbers, and trace back to any incident that happened before.

Easy and Fast Intergration

Arrivo provides flexible integration with ease and hassle free. Our technical team will always be standing by to help you.

Powered by AI.

Our AI are continuously being trained and learned from the new data to improve the accuracy from time to time.

Lightning Speed

Speedy data integration keeps operational functions stabilized and increase throughput of data per labeling action.


Arrivo's chat support and technical support will take your request to enhance operational success.

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Plug, Test and Play

Simply connecting and passing the car plate image to the API to get result within second.