Privacy Policy




1.1 Thanks for choosing Arrivo (“Arrivo”, “we”, “us”, “our”)!

At Arrivo, we want to give you the best possible experience to ensure that you enjoy our service. To do this, we have to understand your parking habits so we can deliver an exceptional and personalized service especially for you. Your security, privacy and your personal data is, and always will be important to us. So, we want to explain to you, in the most transparent way, into why we gather, store, share and use your personal data. This will be our objective, and this (“Privacy Policy”) will explain exactly what we meant in the sections below.

1.2 PDPA

The PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) was introduced in Malaysia to regulate the processing of Personal Data in commercial transactions. This act was introduced and applies to most commercialized companies that are established in Malaysia, which requires us to inform you of your rights in respects towards your Personal Data which we will use to process and for data processing. PDPA also requires us to obtain your consent towards processing of your Personal Data.

This Privacy will be adopted as Parts of Our Terms of Use and mostly towards the Service that we will offer to you.


2.1 This Policy sets out the essential details relating to your personal data relationship with Arrivo. This policy applies to all Services (applicable for all Services by Arrivo) provided by Arrivo. The terms governing your usage of our Services can be found in the Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”).

From time to time, we may develop new or offer additional services. If the addition of the new service affects the way we collect your Personal Data, we will provide you with new and more information or additional terms or policies. Unless stated otherwise when we introduce these new or additional service, it will subject to this Policy.

2.2 The aim of this policy is to: –

  1. Ensure what personal data we collect from you, the reason why we collect it, use it and who we share it with.
  2. Ensure and Explain the way we use the personal data that you share with us in order to give you a great experience when you are using our Service.
  3. Explain your rights and choices in relation to the Personal Data that we will collect from you and tell you how we will protect your Privacy by using our Services.

2.3 We hope this helps you understand our privacy commitments to you. If you ever had any updates, please refer to section 13 (Contact Us) where if you have any questions or concerns. If you ever disagree with our Privacy Policy, you have all the rights to the choice to continue using our Service.


Our Privacy Policy will change with notice to you where we will make sure that the Privacy Policy is constantly updated for you. We will constantly update you on the changes if there are new Policies to be amended or added. The continuation of use of our Services after any changes to the Policy will indicate your consent and agreement to the change of our updated Policy.


Our Privacy Policy will apply to you once you have read and gave consent to the agreement of the Policy that we will display when you first use our Services.


5.1 We will list down a set of Personal Data that we will collect from you and how do we collect it.

The list below describes the personal data that we collect from you when you sign up for an Arrivo Account:

  1. User data – This is the Personal Data that is provided by you or collected by us to enable you to sign-up for and use our Arrivo Service. This will include your username, First Name, Last Name, email address, phone number. Some of the personal data we will ask you to provide is used in processing your identification and verifying of a single usage existence of your data. The exact personal data that we might collect from a third party case, like social media, will only be received, if you have given consent to the respective third-party to share the respective personal data that we will be using in your account registration.
  2. Car data – This is the Personal Data that is provided by you or collected by us to enable you to fully use and integrate all of our Arrivo Services including our car parking gate locations to enable your car license plate detection. This will include your car plate number, front car image, back car image, car model and car color. This will be used to provide a better, more accurate car license reading for your car to go through our physical parking Service. This specific data will also be needed for training our Artificial Intelligence tool to get a more accurate car license plate reading.
  3. Usage data – This is the Usage Data that is provided by you when you interact with our Services and collected by us to enable us to increase the performance, efficiency, and enhance our Services for your future use. This will include some data as below:

– Information about your sign in times per day;

– Information about your application usage time;

– Inferences drawn about your interests and preferences based on your usage of the Arrivo Service;

– Information about your interactions with the Arrivo application screens (including the date and time for any request that you make);

– Information about application crashes

– User content (as defined in the Terms of Use) you use in Arrivo’s Service, such as photos, and interactions with the Arrivo’s Customer Service team. Please note that we will only access your camera or photos from your device if you give us permission to do so, and we will only access images that you specifically choose to share with us and metadata related to those images, such as type of file and size of image. We will never scan or import your device’s photo library or camera roll;

  • Certain technical data, which may include:
  • URL information;
  • Online identifiers including cookie data and IP address;
  • Information about the types of devices you are using such as unique device IDs, network connection type (e.g. wifi, 3G, LTE), provider, network, and device performance, language, information enabling digital rights management, operating system and Arrivo application version; and
  • Your non-precise location, which may be derived from certain technical data (e.g., your IP address to comply with geometric requirements for safety purposes and reporting purposes.
  • Payment and Purchase Data – which describes on the personal data that you choose to give us and provide us with extra functionality or features. We may collect certain personal data if you add your own top-up information such as credit card. The exact personal data collected will vary depending on the payment method (e.g. direct via your mobile phone carrier or by invoice) but will include information such as:
  • Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Credit or debit card type, expiration date, and certain digits of your card number;
  • Postal code;
  • Mobile phone number; and
  • Details of your purchase payment history.
  • Contests, Surveys, and Sweepstakes Data – When you complete a form or any other forms within Arrivo’s Service, respond to a survey or questionnaire, we collect the personal data that which you’ll provide

5.2 We will also collect personal data from personal merchants that will be using our service too. These merchants vary over time and includes the following:

  1. Parking Partners – We may obtain certain data about you, such as geometric location, parking partner names, operating place names and address.


6.1 When you interact with Arrivo’s Service, we use a variety of technologies to process the data that we collected from you for various reasons. These data are identified in Section 5 ‘PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT FROM YOU’ where we will explain what we use the personal data for.

  1. To provide a personalized Arrivo Service
  2. Assessing your Application
  3. To conduct e-KYC,
  4. Administer your participation in any contest, campaigns, events or promotions,
  5. To operate an provide Arrivo Service to you,
  6. Administering your account
  7. Technical improvement of the Service provided
  8. For internal administrative purposes such as accounting and tax
  9. To verify and process payment
  10. To ensure user security and overall security when using Arrivo’s Service
  11. To communicate with you and provide you with a great Arrivo Service experience
  12. To respond to any inquiries, including support and FAQ enhancement,
  13. For research and development
  14. For statistical analysis,
  15. For quality assurance,
  16. For enhancement of Arrivo Service,
  17. For the use of detection of fraudulent activity,
  18. Investigate suspected and complaints for any activities that are bound to a user
  19. To allow third party merchants to quickly bring in application process to their channel and process payment services,
  20. To conduct market research and analysis for enhanced Business Plans and Requirements,
  21. For record keeping, record managements and management analysis purposes,
  22. For security purposes against handling vehicles within Arrivo physical services.
  23. Any other services which is constant and aligns with Arrivo.

If you require further information about our use of personal data, please contact us as referred in Section 13. You represent and warrant that the consent of any Other User whose Personal Data you have provided in any application and/or disclosed to us has been obtained to allow us to process for the purposes set out above.


7.1 We do not deal in a business of selling your Personal Data. We consider this data exchange to be vital to our relationship with you as we continue to provide you with more Services to come. There are, however some scenarios where we may share your Personal Data with certain third parties without further notice to you, as set forth below.

  1. Business Transfers – As we continue to grow and develop our business, we might sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, Personal Data may be part of the transferred assets.
  2. Affiliate – We may also share your Personal Data with our Affiliate for purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy.
  3. Appropriate Authority – To comply with any order of court or directive from authorities investigating any alleged offence, misdeed and/or abuse or to enforce any of the terms and conditions applicable to you, or where such action is necessary to protect and defend our rights or property.
  4. Authorized Third Party – Where services from such Authorized Third Party is required, we may share your Personal Data on a strictly confidential basis. Authorized Third Party will not be able to use your Personal Information disclosed to them except for the limited purposes of providing the service that they have to offer with us.
  5. Public – If you disclose any personal data through any User Generated Content on any Platform, note that such other data will be available to other users on that Platform.
  6. Other Parties – We may disclose your Personal Data to other parties if you have an agreement and consent to the disclosure of your data to the respective other party.


8.1 We will keep your data only as long as necessary to provide you with the Arrivo’s Service and for legitimate and essential business purposes, such as maintaining the performance on Arrivo’s Service, making data-driven business decisions about new features and offerings, complying with our legal obligations, and resolving disputes.

We are only allowed to maintain certain Personal Data which includes situations of which:

  1. Where we need to retain the personal data for our legal, tax, audit, and accounting obligations, we will retain the necessary personal data for the period required by applicable law; and/or,
  2. Where necessary for our legitimate business interests such as fraud prevention or to maintain the security of our users.


9.1 It may be necessary to transfer your Personal Data out of Malaysia which is to our Affiliate, and/or Authorized Third Party that is not being based in Malaysia. This may happen when the provided Service from the Affiliate and/or Authorized Third Party is being used by you. By continuing using the service as stated, you do consent to have your data transferred to respective parties overseas.


10.1 We would like you to continue help improving the performance, efficiency and features of the Service that we continuously provide for you. We can automatically collect diagnostic and usage information from the device that you are using the Service with and send it for us for analysis. This information will be sent to us anonymously and we will not identify the information nor informing you with images or text of those data. This information might include the status for application crashes and how often do you have the screen time for the application. This data would also indicate the kind of device that you are using and which system of the device you are running our Service on.


11.1 We have deemed the application to be available for those who are 17 years old and above and those who holds a Malaysian Car Driving’s License. Those who have found out a user which has failed on the categories mentioned before, will have to come and raise this issue to us in our support so we can clear their data from the database.


12.1 The property may not be a secure medium, communications over the Service may be subjected to third party interventions. We cannot accept responsibility over the loss or unauthorized access over your Personal Data. All our employees and data processors, who have access to your data have obliged to respect the confidentiality of your Personal Data. We have also implemented Security policies, rules and measures that everyone participating on using and maintaining this Service will have to take in the “Terms of Use”. While we cannot make sure the alteration, misuse or loss of your Data will not occur, we will make efforts into preventing such from happening.

Personal data from you will be stored in a backed up location whenever data lost has happened in a secure environment and only the employees from Arrivo who have strict access can enter.


In order to resolve a complaint regarding the Service or to receive further information regarding use of the Service, please contact us at:


40-020, WeWork, Level 40, Mercu 2

No.3, Jalan Bangsar

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor 59200


We hope you enjoy your time with Arrivo!